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Go-Moku Rules


Go-Moku is a two-player game where the first player to connect exactly five pieces in a row—orthogonally or diagonally—wins. You try to win by creating situations where you can connect multiple groups of pieces simultaneously, preventing your opponent from blocking all of your openings on his next move.


The standard Go-Moku board size is 15x15. Igfip™ supports a range of smaller and larger board sizes as well as rectangular boards and obstructed spaces.

Initial Go-Moku board position.  Alternative Go-Moku board position.

As in Go, pieces are placed on the line intersections, not within the board squares.


Each player starts with no pieces on the board, but has an unlimited supply of pieces to place on the board.


  1. Black moves first.
  2. Players alternate moves by placing a single piece on an empty board space each turn.
  3. The game ends when a player connects a line of exactly five contiguous pieces, orthogonally or diagonally. The first player to do so wins. If no player can win, the game ends in a draw.

Go-Moku Help


UnselectedSelected or MovedObstructions

Piece Placement

Place a piece by clicking on an empty board space.

Redraw Board

If you make an adjustment to your Web browser—such as changing your font size—while playing, the game pieces may no longer align correctly with the board. To restore proper alignment, select the Redraw command from the Go-Moku menu.